Traci Braxton Talks Future of ‘Braxton Family Values’ Amid Cast Walkout: I’m ‘Holding the Fort Down’


By Marc Lupo

August 23, 2018


I’ve got all my sisters with me … kinda. Braxton Family Values star Traci Braxton opened up about the future of the popular WE tv series amid reports that sisters Toni, Tamar, Towanda, Trina and mother Evelyn walked off the show after failed contract negotiations. (In June, TMZ reported that the series would take an “indefinite hiatus” Opens a New Window. as the Braxton sisters, with the exception of Traci, were unable to renegotiate their contracts with WE tv and Magical Elves production for the second half of season 6.)

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New Music: Traci Braxton feat. Toni Braxton, Towanda Braxton & Trina Braxton – Broken Things

Toni Braxton may have removed her sisters Tamar and Traci from her upcoming tour, but that hasn’t stopped them from collaborating on music. During Thursday nights (April 19) episode of “Braxton Family Values,” Traci Braxton premiered her brand new single “Broken Things.”

The record features not only Toni, but Towanda and Trina as well. It is being labeled as an official buzz single off Traci’s upcoming sophomore album. While the record deals with repairing a troubled or lost love, there feels to be a similar need for repair in the sister’s relationships.

“Who can fix these broken things?” they sing in harmony on the chorus. “Who can put us back together now that we’re undone? / Now that we can’t remember how.”

Listen to the Braxton sister’s new collaboration below, and stay tuned for Traci’s official first single which is coming soon.


Traci Braxton opens up about her relationship with her sisters and her newest music

In a recent interview with theGrio, Braxton chatted with Natasha Alford about her upcoming single.

“One of my favorites is “Lifeline” says Braxton. “Lifeline” is talking about where you are in life, when you’re in love. [It’s] when you have people in your life –like friends– and you give up so much things and you don’t know if this person is going to be in your life for a long time.”

She adds, “If this person isn’t in your life for a long time, its like you might as well be gone. Its like if my sisters leave me, my life is gone. I don’t how I would react to it.”

It is evident that the love will always be there between the Braxton sisters. In this season, we see they only want what’s best for their sister, Tamar Braxton, 41, who is going through a public divorce with Vincent Herbert. And we also see the Braxton’s celebrate Toni Braxton’s engagement to rapper Birdman.

“[This season] made me and my sisters a little bit closer,” Braxton expresses. “Closer than what we normally are. We share each other’s pain and hurt. You may not see it on the air, but off the air we would try to hug on each other besides ignoring each other. And right now you know, everybody don’t wanna hug. Although there may be a little tension between Tamar Braxton and the family, the support is always there.

“We text each other, most of the time, says Braxton. “I guess [Tamar] really don’t want to talk to us right now. She doesn’t want to come out of her shell right now.”

“We keep contact to make sure she is okay, but right now I don’t think she’ll have any conversations with us. I mean she talks to Towanda, Toni, and mommy (Evelyn Braxton) but I think she’s trying to protect herself right now.”

Check out more highlights of the interview below!

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